Poverty and faith…

Suffering like this makes me question a lot of things and one of them is faith…

Why are we suffering like this? We are not bad people, we love our children and we love and respect our parents, they raised us with good morals and values, we help people in need whenever we can, even though we suffer as well, so why are we punished like this?

There are thousands of people out there that is drug addicts, people that shouldn’t even be parents, because they don’t want children and they abuse the children that they were blessed with, but we suffer and can’t provide for our three children that we love so dearly?

Life is not fair is it? I’m just wondering, how much more suffering I can take?


Author: burns32

Mother of three adorable children, battling to survive poverty and trying to keep my families morale up while trying to stay sane myself. If you wish to ease our suffering and want to donate, please use paypal details -burnedette.boden@gmail.com