Poverty vs Wealth….

Poverty vs Wealth….

People own multi million mansions with multiple bathrooms and too many bedrooms, We just need an ordinary safe home with 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom where every family member can have privacy and personal space….

People drive around in extravagant luxury cars, we just need a reliable ordinary one, nothing luxurious, just a safe trustworthy one….

People have electrical blankets, under floor heating, gas or central heating, we need none of that, we just need ordinary blankets for a warm nights sleep….

People have imported furniture and matching interior decor, we only need and are happy to have, only the basic furniture….

People wear designer clothes and have cupboards and cupboards full of wardrobes, we only need cupboards and are happy to wear hand me downs…

We don’t want or need much, but even the basic things to lead a normal life, seems to not be meant for us….

So if you are reading this and you think you can make our life’s a bit more normal, or if you feel the need to help us in any way, however small you think your donation may be, it might mean the world to us….

Burnedette.boden@gmail.com – for paypal contributions….

We will be eternally grateful for all or any help that might make life a little bit more normal for us, 6 years of extreme poverty, and daily struggling with less than enough is extremely exhausting, and damages a family in more ways that you can imagine……..


Author: burns32

Mother of three adorable children, battling to survive poverty and trying to keep my families morale up while trying to stay sane myself. If you wish to ease our suffering and want to donate, please use paypal details -burnedette.boden@gmail.com