Were you ever in a situation where you had no solution for that problem?

Let me tell you how I feel on a daily basis…..

If you read the news about what a terrible state South Africa is in, multiply that by a hundred thousand…..

If you are poor in South Africa today, your life is basically over…..

The government’s hospitals are like scenes from a horror movie, the only difference is it is real…..

If you have a serious medical condition in South Africa and you are forced to rely on a government hospital, chances are 80% your’e going to die…..

There is just no compassion or empathy for a patient in a government hospital, que’s are endless, and you are treated worst than an animal at government hospitals, there are month long waiting lists for operations, and when your time arrive for the operation you have an 80% chance that you’ll die a few days after the operation due to neglegance of the incompetant nurses or sisters that is supposed to care for you after your operation or due to poor hygiene of the hospitals.

I have experienced and survived my 3rd ceasarian section in a government hospital 5 years ago, because I discharged myself and my baby a few hours after the operation, there was just no way that I could use the bathroom facilities in that hospital, the bathroom floors was covered in blood of numerous patients, the food I was given had a live cochroach in it, and there was no utensils issued with the meals I received, not that I had any interest to consume any of it….
I can’t begin to explain the trauma I still feel when I think about that few worst day’s of my life almost six years ago.
The dental care in South Africa is just the same, when you have to go and get a tooth extraction you get an infection everytime afterwards and you need to drink at least two courses of antibiotics afterwards to get rid of the pain and infection. 

My 14 year old child got such a serious infection after a tooth was extracted at a government hospital that her face and neck started swelling three days afterwards and she started to breath difficultly, I thought she was going to die….
To avoid all this pain and trauma you have to visit a private practise of dr’s or dentist’s which for a poor person is totally unaffordable…..

We desperately need serious dental care at the moment……

Just another cruel thing about poverty…..


Author: burns32

Mother of three adorable children, battling to survive poverty and trying to keep my families morale up while trying to stay sane myself. If you wish to ease our suffering and want to donate, please use paypal details