My heart is in my throat, I am fighting back the tears, my 5-year-old boy need to see a pediatrician, a dentist and a child psychologist and I don’t have a medical aid…..

To not have a medical aid in South Africa is like living without being able to breathe, you’re going to die.

First of all, if you are working full-time, you don’t have the time to try to get help from government hospitals and clinics, because it will literally take a few days, weeks or months maybe to get to a pediatrician or a child psychologist who can even see or treat your child. And when you are working for a privately owned company for minimum wages, you will also have countless problems to get leave approved in order to get your child to one of these facilities to try and obtain the help he needs.

If you had a medical aid on the other hand, none of this would be necessary, because you could schedule an appointment at a pediatrician, a dentist and a child psychologist for after working hours or on a week-end maybe.

So why don’t I have a medical aid?

Well because it’s unaffordable. Way too expensive, and I think in the current economical state South Africa is in, it’s a luxury for people to have a medical aid, it really is unaffordable for average to poor people to have a medical aid.

Well to pray for help is all that is left now…..








Author: burns32

Mother of three adorable children, battling to survive poverty and trying to keep my families morale up while trying to stay sane myself. If you wish to ease our suffering and want to donate, please use paypal details