Hello world…..

I’ve been quite busy the past month or so working on ways to provide proof to people that are willing to help me and my children financially, that I am a law abiding citizen of South Africa with a clear criminal record. There are so much fraud going around world wide that makes people sceptic to help people like us who genuinely need all the help we can get.

What makes getting financial help even more difficult is the fact that I come from what I think is the most corrupt Country in the world probably.

I’m sure our Country has provided hours of comical entertainment to the rest of the world with their disruptive circus acts in parliament during our corrupt president’s state of the nation address.

Enough said, while the world looks at our circus of a Country we are battling to survive each and every day, inflation is so high and the poorest of the poor are suffering the most, we need all the assistance we can get, if you can do anything to help, please do so.

We have no food banks or food couponing over here is South Africa, which means if you don’t have any money, you can’t provide food for your family, and apart from food, girls are also in need of cleaning supplies and sanitary ware, to not have that feels inhumane.

We also desperately need building supplies, now that seems like an impossible thing to get donated.

So if you can help with anything even $1 donations are welcome and will get the ball rolling, we can’t open a gofundme account, because South Africa is not on their list of beneficiaries, so paypal or western union donations is the only way we can be helped.

You can also help by sending laundry detergents, other cleaning products, shampoo & sanitary products by post if you want to help in that way, please contact me via e-mail: burnedette.boden@gmail.com for a postal address where goods can be posted to.

I will definitely keep you all updated on here on the progress that we have made in terms of donations.







Author: burns32

Mother of three adorable children, battling to survive poverty and trying to keep my families morale up while trying to stay sane myself. If you wish to ease our suffering and want to donate, please use paypal details -burnedette.boden@gmail.com