Poverty should not be destiny….

Poverty is not destiny, but it does place children at greater risk for:


Physical Problems, such as substandard nutrition, poor motor skills, and more accidents and injuries.


Cognitive difficulties, such as poor academic performance, especially among younger children, and

Higher drop-out rates in high school.


Social and emotional problems, such as anxiety, difficulty getting along with peers and adults, and low self-esteem.


Behavioral problems, such as engagement in high-risk activities like smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, and early sexual activity, leading to higher rates of teen pregnancies.


Challenges in adulthood, such as poor health, lower earnings, higher poverty rates and more criminal behaviour.





This is what I need to stop, this is why I need help for my children…..


Poverty robs you of living….

So, having fond childhood memories of family vacations at the coast,
and week-end getaways at popular holiday resorts, always having a
nice house with neat garden and driving a car that were never an embarrassment,
that never ever left us stranded next to a road, certainly doesn’t help to accept
this poverty that I am facing today.
Did I ever dream of being a poor parent, did I ever dream that I would have to see my children grow up in poverty, without choices, without proper medical care, without three healthy meals a day, did I dream of driving a car that is 5 years younger than me, a car that should have been in a junk yard 15 years ago? A car that would break down around every corner, that would leave us stranded and vulnerable next to a road, or stuck at home missing school and work?
Did I ever dream of living in a poverty-stricken suburb in a 60 m² meter concrete shack with a tin roof, concrete floors without a hot water system? Did I ever dream that my children will have to grow up without bedrooms or cupboards where they can put their clothes, books and belongings in? Did I dream of my children being unhappy about having to grow up this way? The answer is no…
Wealthy people will never understand what it is like, and they are very opinionated regarding a poor persons circumstances. Also quick to judge, but let me tell you they have no idea. I am not poor because of bad choices I made, I am poor because I never had opportunities to study, I am poor because I was retrenched from a good job with a good salary because of the global recession in 2011, and after that I just never got another opportunity to have a good steady income, I didn’t have three children when I was poor, I had my children before I became stuck in this poverty.
When I tell you I have no money it means I have no money and I’m flat broke, when a wealthy person tell you they have no money, they can still buy groceries and pay for things on their accounts, or with credit cards etc. I don’t have that luxury, and I’m glad I don’t, because I don’t want to be in debt….
All I really want is to give my children the living conditions they deserve….

Crippling effect of poverty

Poor people usually say “If your children have food to eat, a place to bath, a warm bed to sleep in and parents who love them, they’ll be happy” ….

Let me tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth, children are exposed to so much everyday, they are being teased at school, they suffer emotionally and poverty makes them distance themselves from society or they become bullies to get rid of all the pain of rejection from peers and everyday normal life and activities, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad for my three children because all three of them are introverts instead of bullies.

There’s a saying “Poverty takes up all of your time” and that is so true, because as a grown up or parent you are battling everyday to make ends meet, and you sometimes have to travel up and down just because you can’t afford to buy all your groceries and supplies at one store, so to save R 50 for example it takes half an hour extra, because you have to walk to a store on the other side of the mall for instance to save that R 50 that must be used to close another hole.

People will say, but you can apply for subsidy for your children’s school fees, that is true, but subsidy does not supply the ridiculously expensive school uniforms or the expensive stationary or the school transport or school lunch boxes. With poverty comes an enormous amount of stress, malnutrition in children, no opportunity for children, so lack of entertainment and an emotional disadvantage.

Where can you find help in South Africa? Let me tell you there is no help, because the government that needs to help are so corrupt and the social grants that is paid for children is a joke, especially if you have a baby, you can’t even buy one tin of baby formula and a pack of diapers with that grant money, how on earth should you raise a child with that joke of a grant?

How can one not be depressed and discouraged and hopeless?

Poverty really is a losing battle………..








What’s the point, why am I here? When every day is just a battle to survive, nothing to look forward to, no dreams, no goals…..

Poverty is like an incurable disease, no matter how hard your try, you just can’t beat it, it’s everywhere….

It’s in the shack that you live in, it’s in the 31 year old piece of hazardous junk that you have to drive, it’s in the hand me downs that you have to force your children to wear….

Poverty robs you of everything until there’s nothing left of you, it happens very slowly, until one day when you finally decide, that you’ve had enough….POVERTY

What’s the purpose?

Why is it so hard to get your head above water, once poverty has sunk it’s claws into you?

Just when you think that now you can breathe for a while, things start to break and it snowball out of control in the blink of an eye.

Will it ever get better, because I’ve experienced that no amount of hard work will ever bring in enough to rectify everything that needs to be fixed or paid or bought.

Does miracles exist? For others maybe, but it seems to pass us by.

The only thing that would safe us will have to be a decent amount of resources donated by an Philanthropist.

Poverty the sword over our heads.

Seemingly endless continuation of poverty. Once a person falls below a certain level of resourcefulness, a chain of events starts to occur that tends to perpetuate the situation: progressively lower levels of education and training leading to lack of employment opportunities, leading to battle for survival, leading to shattered health, early death, and breakup of family, leading to even bleaker future for the next generation … and so on. This cycle continues until someone intervenes by providing worthwhile means (not handouts) for people to climb out of destitution, and by ensuring children’s health and education.


This is the post excerpt.

I am trying my utmost best, to get all the help a mother can get from anywhere in the world, just to give my children a place to call home, a place to feel safe, a place they can be proud of, a place where they can invite their friends over so that they can grow up normal, not in poverty like we have been living the past 6 years. They should grow up with dreams and goals to be whatever they want to be…..and they deserve that. We desperately need to be happy……