Poverty the sword over our heads.

Seemingly endless continuation of poverty. Once a person falls below a certain level of resourcefulness, a chain of events starts to occur that tends to perpetuate the situation: progressively lower levels of education and training leading to lack of employment opportunities, leading to battle for survival, leading to shattered health, early death, and breakup of family, leading to even bleaker future for the next generation … and so on. This cycle continues until someone intervenes by providing worthwhile means (not handouts) for people to climb out of destitution, and by ensuring children’s health and education.



This is the post excerpt.

I am trying my utmost best, to get all the help a mother can get from anywhere in the world, just to give my children a place to call home, a place to feel safe, a place they can be proud of, a place where they can invite their friends over so that they can grow up normal, not in poverty like we have been living the past 6 years. They should grow up with dreams and goals to be whatever they want to be…..and they deserve that. We desperately need to be happy……


Hello world…..

I’ve been quite busy the past month or so working on ways to provide proof to people that are willing to help me and my children financially, that I am a law abiding citizen of South Africa with a clear criminal record. There are so much fraud going around world wide that makes people sceptic to help people like us who genuinely need all the help we can get.

What makes getting financial help even more difficult is the fact that I come from what I think is the most corrupt Country in the world probably.

I’m sure our Country has provided hours of comical entertainment to the rest of the world with their disruptive circus acts in parliament during our corrupt president’s state of the nation address.

Enough said, while the world looks at our circus of a Country we are battling to survive each and every day, inflation is so high and the poorest of the poor are suffering the most, we need all the assistance we can get, if you can do anything to help, please do so.

We have no food banks or food couponing over here is South Africa, which means if you don’t have any money, you can’t provide food for your family, and apart from food, girls are also in need of cleaning supplies and sanitary ware, to not have that feels inhumane.

We also desperately need building supplies, now that seems like an impossible thing to get donated.

So if you can help with anything even $1 donations are welcome and will get the ball rolling, we can’t open a gofundme account, because South Africa is not on their list of beneficiaries, so paypal or western union donations is the only way we can be helped.

You can also help by sending laundry detergents, other cleaning products, shampoo & sanitary products by post if you want to help in that way, please contact me via e-mail: burnedette.boden@gmail.com for a postal address where goods can be posted to.

I will definitely keep you all updated on here on the progress that we have made in terms of donations.






When? When it’s too late?

People can be strange things….

Ever noticed that when a mother or father with small children commit suicide because they could no longer bear the suffering and financial stress, how people come forward afterwards saying things like “There’s always a solution”, or “If only I knew, I would have helped” why only when one of the parents die, will someone offer to help?

I’m super depressed at the moment, and I can’t see any silver lining around any cloud.

Watching my once happy, energetic, school loving, children, being sad and depressed, more and more each day, is destroying all the hope I had for my family to survive this poverty…

Not being able to even supply their basic needs anymore is just heartbreaking, and despite that, I am working 8:00 am to 17:30 pm, so I feel like I am working my heart out but I’m neglecting my children, because all of my “hard work” can not even support their basic needs anymore….

And there is no help on the horizon, no help at all….

Makes me realize just how worthless life really is, if a family is not even worthy of help…..





My heart is in my throat, I am fighting back the tears, my 5-year-old boy need to see a pediatrician, a dentist and a child psychologist and I don’t have a medical aid…..

To not have a medical aid in South Africa is like living without being able to breathe, you’re going to die.

First of all, if you are working full-time, you don’t have the time to try to get help from government hospitals and clinics, because it will literally take a few days, weeks or months maybe to get to a pediatrician or a child psychologist who can even see or treat your child. And when you are working for a privately owned company for minimum wages, you will also have countless problems to get leave approved in order to get your child to one of these facilities to try and obtain the help he needs.

If you had a medical aid on the other hand, none of this would be necessary, because you could schedule an appointment at a pediatrician, a dentist and a child psychologist for after working hours or on a week-end maybe.

So why don’t I have a medical aid?

Well because it’s unaffordable. Way too expensive, and I think in the current economical state South Africa is in, it’s a luxury for people to have a medical aid, it really is unaffordable for average to poor people to have a medical aid.

Well to pray for help is all that is left now…..









Were you ever in a situation where you had no solution for that problem?

Let me tell you how I feel on a daily basis…..

If you read the news about what a terrible state South Africa is in, multiply that by a hundred thousand…..

If you are poor in South Africa today, your life is basically over…..

The government’s hospitals are like scenes from a horror movie, the only difference is it is real…..

If you have a serious medical condition in South Africa and you are forced to rely on a government hospital, chances are 80% your’e going to die…..

There is just no compassion or empathy for a patient in a government hospital, que’s are endless, and you are treated worst than an animal at government hospitals, there are month long waiting lists for operations, and when your time arrive for the operation you have an 80% chance that you’ll die a few days after the operation due to neglegance of the incompetant nurses or sisters that is supposed to care for you after your operation or due to poor hygiene of the hospitals.

I have experienced and survived my 3rd ceasarian section in a government hospital 5 years ago, because I discharged myself and my baby a few hours after the operation, there was just no way that I could use the bathroom facilities in that hospital, the bathroom floors was covered in blood of numerous patients, the food I was given had a live cochroach in it, and there was no utensils issued with the meals I received, not that I had any interest to consume any of it….
I can’t begin to explain the trauma I still feel when I think about that few worst day’s of my life almost six years ago.
The dental care in South Africa is just the same, when you have to go and get a tooth extraction you get an infection everytime afterwards and you need to drink at least two courses of antibiotics afterwards to get rid of the pain and infection. 

My 14 year old child got such a serious infection after a tooth was extracted at a government hospital that her face and neck started swelling three days afterwards and she started to breath difficultly, I thought she was going to die….
To avoid all this pain and trauma you have to visit a private practise of dr’s or dentist’s which for a poor person is totally unaffordable…..

We desperately need serious dental care at the moment……

Just another cruel thing about poverty…..

Poverty vs Wealth….

Poverty vs Wealth….

People own multi million mansions with multiple bathrooms and too many bedrooms, We just need an ordinary safe home with 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom where every family member can have privacy and personal space….

People drive around in extravagant luxury cars, we just need a reliable ordinary one, nothing luxurious, just a safe trustworthy one….

People have electrical blankets, under floor heating, gas or central heating, we need none of that, we just need ordinary blankets for a warm nights sleep….

People have imported furniture and matching interior decor, we only need and are happy to have, only the basic furniture….

People wear designer clothes and have cupboards and cupboards full of wardrobes, we only need cupboards and are happy to wear hand me downs…

We don’t want or need much, but even the basic things to lead a normal life, seems to not be meant for us….

So if you are reading this and you think you can make our life’s a bit more normal, or if you feel the need to help us in any way, however small you think your donation may be, it might mean the world to us….

Burnedette.boden@gmail.com – for paypal contributions….

We will be eternally grateful for all or any help that might make life a little bit more normal for us, 6 years of extreme poverty, and daily struggling with less than enough is extremely exhausting, and damages a family in more ways that you can imagine……..

Poverty and faith…

Suffering like this makes me question a lot of things and one of them is faith…

Why are we suffering like this? We are not bad people, we love our children and we love and respect our parents, they raised us with good morals and values, we help people in need whenever we can, even though we suffer as well, so why are we punished like this?

There are thousands of people out there that is drug addicts, people that shouldn’t even be parents, because they don’t want children and they abuse the children that they were blessed with, but we suffer and can’t provide for our three children that we love so dearly?

Life is not fair is it? I’m just wondering, how much more suffering I can take?

The curse of poverty….

Well if being depressed about our circumstances and not being able to do anything about it is not enough, our electricity went out without warning last night, the bill is paid but seems like our neighbours was stealing eletricity from our connection so now we had to spend a cold winter’s night without a warm bath, talk about “It never rains, but it pours”….
I’m so hurt and full of anger, seems like poverty is a curse and once you are cursed it can never be undone.
We work hard to pay the bills, can’t afford to buy decent groceries and the other basic things we need, but we always pay the rent and electricity bill, now this…
And to make matters worse is, the call out fee and a fee for a tamper code is going to be added to our account, so the end of this months bill might be unaffordable for us, and winter has just started….
Never ending battle I tell you….